Build, measure, learn - part 2

Build, measure, learn - part 2

So development for BML has stalled a little due to the amount of development work coming in (three large web projects queued up at the moment) so I've had time to sit back and ponder about progress so far and what will be next for the project.


So why am I reinventing the wheel? Well I don't think I am, I find products like Google Tag Manager can be much simpler for most users and other products like Google Analytics are just too complicated and it's not just me. I've had plenty of conversations with SEO professionals who need to create easier-to-understand reports for clients, especially with the new GA4.

I wanted:

  • An easy-to-use interface

  • Ability to create any type of metric

  • Focus on the SaaS and build in public communities but anyone should be able to use it

  • Convert my existing clients from Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

So far

The backend is all working, including:

  • JS based tracking (like Google Analytics) which includes geo-data, device data, sessions and other data points

  • Ability to create any type of metric such as counts and money-based metrics

  • Ability to create JS triggers to track events such as form submissions, page loads, clicks, etc

  • Global and project-level dashboards with custom widgets displaying your metrics

What's next?

  • A Curl-based API to allow anyone to create events so any type of application (web-based, native mobile app or traditional desktop application) can "push" events to the API - once this is done I think we can push the product live and trial on several client sites who have expressed an interest

  • Payments - I've used Stripe in the past for many projects but Paddle has caught my eye - especially with the automated tax calculations and processing

  • WordPress plugin to interface directly with WordPress, WooCommerce and other plugins

  • Create an easy method to allow users to create graphs and funnels


I'm a developer so this will be my biggest issue. I'll probably look to use the Reddit community for some initial feedback before adding to ProductHunt, etc. I'm not expecting miracles but even if it helps me and my existing client base that would be a great start.

If you're interested in taking a look when it's ready feel free to email me at / PHP freelance UK developer